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Audio Azhan thru out the world:
Azan from  Harm -Makkah  Azan from  Harm -Makkah 2   Azan from  Harm -Makkah 3   Azan from Al-Aqsa Mosque

Adhaan from Masjid al Khalifa - Sharjah - UAE   Azan from Bosnia   Azan from Turkey   Azan from Al-Aqsa Mosque 2 

 Audio Quran Stories for Childeren: (Arabic+English)

Prophet Yunus  Prophet Suliman  Prophet Ibrahim  Prophet Ayyub

Various Audio files:

Listen to Takbeer (Before Eid Prayers)   Listen to Talbeeh (Recited in Hajj and Umra)   Asma-ul-Husna (Ninety Names of Allah)   

The Whole Quran in Arabic
Holy Quran in Arabic Text

The Holy Quran Arabic + English meaning
Holy Quran(Arabic) Translated in English by Pikhtal (Free Download)
This PDF doesn't consist the Arabic text, it only has the English Translation

Download Quran Arabic
Download Free Quran Text in PDF now.
E-book, the  Quran in Arabic
Download Tafsir of Quran
(By Ibn Kathir)
PDF of Tafsir ul Quran. Download on your Computer

Free Quran Dictionary Download Now !. Download the PDF - This Collection consist of Holy Quran Text Arabic with English translation for each word a must for Muslims who want to read Holy Quran in Arabic.